Sunday, November 25, 2007

With Thanksgiving to God!

On this feast of Christ the King and final day of the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, I want to pause to extend Eucharistic (thanksgiving) wishes and blessings to all my friends in the blogosphere and thank you for the graces and blessings you share and the witness you give here in the blogosphere and in your daily lives.

Amidst a world ripe in struggle, conflict, and war, there is still much for which we should be and are grateful, most of all for the new opportunities that each new day brings to live the Gospel and share Jesus with others.

Canticle of Thanksgiving

God, my God and Creator,

you are the source of all life and love.

Thank you for the family into which you lifed me,

the friends with which you surround me,

the community with which you bless me,

the parish with which you sustain me,

the food with which you nourish me,

the work with which you challenge me,

the world with which you gift me,

the Body and Blood by which You saved me,

the daily opportunities through which you redeem me.
I praise, thank, and bless you, God,
for the unimaginable riches you have and continue to bestow upon me.
Looking upon Your Holy Face,
in Your Holy Name, I pray,

Two New Additions to the Blogosphere

These are definitely worth checking out (I'll add them to the sidebar later). Take a few moments to visit and say "hello."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our Lady, pray for us!

Sister Julie at A Nun's Life has an interesting reflective post on Mary in our lives and the titles and images that personally resonate with us. Since my teen years, I have had a particular devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe (and later also to San Juan Diego). Although this particular picture of her was forwarded to me by a friend as part of a religious chain letter, I found the image beautiful and choose to share it here. If you haven't had a chance, drop by Sister Julie's place to read more on Mary and feel free (here or there) to share your thoughts on Mary in your life and the title/image that is special to you.

Our Lady, Mother of us all, pray for us!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I can't believe it's been nearly six weeks since I've posted something here. Certainly my silence was not intended, but day by day it became extended as I dealt with multiple time-demanding circumstances. However, I did manage most days to drop by my usual blogstops to stay up-to-date on the latest postings. A big chunk of time has been focused on a number of time-constrained (and sometimes time constraining) projects including the local township council campaigns and recent election. In addition, our secretary went out on maternity leave early (but thankfully gave birth to a healthy baby) so my workdays have been a bit differently paced. All in all these are good projects and initiatives in which I am involved, but I have to focus more deliberately on making time to post here as well since I think it's important to be interactive more routinely here. In any case, I will try to get back into the rhythm of more regular postings. I appreciate your understanding.