Thursday, August 23, 2012

Writing Laryngitis

I have had unplanned hiatuses in my blogging/writing before but none was ever as long as the silence on my blog this time. Before the extended silence, which was unplanned and unanticipated, I was trying to be a bit more deliberate in writing on a regular basis. Then life got in the way. Circumstances got complicated and for a while I could not find my writing voice. I had lots of thoughts and ideas floating in my head, but I could not find my way to express them in this forum. Over the past months as I have been trying to restore a sense of balance among the many plates I juggle, I realize that writing needs to be a central part of my daily life. I write a lot at work, but it's not my own. I am a thinker and writing is my language. I need to write. I have many thoughts about many things and want to speak my thoughts. There are several platforms I can use, and to be honest, my conversations on Facebook are one space I engage. But I realized that the space of my own blog is mine. I thought about starting fresh with a new blog, but I realize that there really is no need to do so. What I write is my point of view, my perspective; it is my voice spoken from where I write. So, here's to a new day and some new conversations here at "From Where I Write."

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