Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Holy Saturday of Sundays

Today, the Sunday between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost, strikes me as the Holy Saturday of Sundays. In many ways I imagine the disciples experienced similar feelings yet had grown deeper in their faith because of Easter and Jesus' resurrection from the dead. Still, their sorrow must have been real in that could not see Him as they had previously. Yet He had promised He would send the Holy Spirit and as His word has been fulfilled before the disciples had only to trust anew.

What does this mean for us today?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And the blogosphere grows ...

Can you believe it? The Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton (NJ) has launched its official blog: Check it out and join me in welcoming them to the blogosphere.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

ABC (almost) meme

I've been tagged by Sister Anne and Susan so here goes my reply. This is a variation on a meme for the alphabet (a few of the ABCs have been left out of the original):

ACCENT: I don't detect it, but I am told sometimes by folks outside the region that I have a Jersey accent. For those who don't know quite what that is, imagine a softened version of a Brooklyn accent. Having always been interested in public speaking and enunciating clearly, I think that most of my access is now suppressed by good diction ... or at least that's what I like to think :)

CHORE I HATE: I will pre-treat, wash, fold, even iron. I just don't like putting away, especially on the high shelves.

DOG OR CAT: Dogs!! (I have loved cats, too, but I am definitely a dog personality.)

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: That's a tie between a cell phone and a laptop/PC.

FAVORITE COLOGNE: I have to think about that one a bit longer.

GOLD OR SILVER: White Gold, or Silver.

HOMETOWN: Can you guess?

INSOMNIA: As I age, yes.

JOB TITLE: Administrator.

KIDS: Two K-9s.


MOST ADMIRABLE TRAIT: Ability to facilitate/negotiate differences among others.

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: Hmmmm, I am afraid there will be one in my future, so I'd rather not.

PHOBIAS: Rats, spiders, heights.

QUOTE: There are so many to choose from ...

RELIGION: Roman Catholic

SIBLINGS: Yes, 2 + 1.

TIME I USUALLY WAKE UP: Better ask the K-9s about that.

UNUSUAL TALENT: I think most of my talents are usual.


WORST HABIT: Do you really want to know?

X-RAYS: Yes, been there and done that.

YUMMY STUFF I COOK: Most of my basics are pretty good, but I also like to be creative. Some of the things on the "to eat if Lisa cooked them" list are:
Fried catfish, Salmon Cakes, Meatloaf, Chicken.

Some of my blogging friends have already been tagged, so now I tag Sister Lorraine, Sister Steph, Sister Julia, and Brother Jonathan.

Back to Blogging!

Sorry, folks, life sidetracked me a bit so I haven't been blogging (although I have been reading). To get back into the swing of things here in the blogosphere, I am going to do a few lighthearted things, like memes, and then on to the more serious stuff.