Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Shepherds and Kings"

The Christmas Season often turns my mind (and singing heart) to the music of Weston Priory/Gregory Norbet ("former" OSB).

The feast of the Epiphany brings me to this song, "Shepherds and Kings." I'll share the refrain here:

Shepherds and Kings,
following hopes and stars that take them
deep into the night.
How far have they come?
We should really know
for certainly everyone is a shepherd and king

That final line of the refrain, "...for certainly everyone is a shepherd and king," speaks volumes. I am not sure what Norbert desired to capture in that line, but for me, the message is that all of us possesses (and is challenged by) lowliness and greatness, humanity and divinity just as Jesus. We walk with feet planted on the ground preparing our souls for our divine encounter with God in eternal life. We live as pilgrims on a journey but also as travelers who acculturate to the here and now and find in the present moment promise and purpose and opportunities for grace.

God revealed Himself through Jesus to the Magi who went to adore Him. Today God continues to reveal Himself in countless ways. The question for us is: Are we available (open) to see him, to recognize Him, whether it be in the breaking of the Bread as the disciples did on the road to Emmaus (yes, there's a connection between Epiphany and Emmaus) or in the dirt covered face of the homeless woman sleeping in a torn refrigerator box?

"Shepherds and Kings, ... how far have they come? We should really know for certainly everyone is a Shepherd and King..." Not only is each of us shepherd and king, but all of us, all of God's created, are shepherds and kings.

Where and how is God revealing Himself to you today?


At 10:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lisa -- for years I have been trying to find the lyrics of this song which I first heard as a teenager. This is the one! I remember when that last line hit me the same way that it struck you...

At 4:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to play this song in a church folk group a long time ago. I emailed Gregory Norbert a few years ago for the sheet music and he sent it to me.
Since I could never find a recording of it, I decided to make my's on Myspace.


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