Monday, January 02, 2006

Update re Officer Nguyen (and Officer Carson)

On Thursday, December 29, 2005, the body of Officer Robert Nguyenwas recovered at approximately 1 PM.

The discovery by a team of New York City Police Divers was in some ways miraculous. There is no doubt in my mind that his mother's cry to him a day earlier to come forth enabled the recovery to happen. Indeed God heard the cry of the woman who brought him into this world and asked but to see him again.

The Jersey City Police Department promised that they would continue to look until they found Nguyen. As the day and time for the start of Officer Carson's wake approached, plans were made to provide shuttles between the search site and the wake and to recruit more volunteers including willing civilians so that the search would not lose its intensity while colleagues paid respects to Officer Carson. As Divine Providence interceded, Nguyen's body was recovered just at the time that Carson's wake began.

An impromptu ceremony of respect naturally occurred as the body was removed and taken to the Medical Examiner's Officer after passing it by the headquarters of the Emergency Services Unit to which Carson and Nguyen were assigned. Traffic stopped, police stood at attention, civilians got out of their cars and saluted the body of one of the two men who "gave their lives so that others might have life."

On Friday, Officer Carson was buried following a full police funeral. The Medal of Honor, the Police Department's highest honor, was awarded posthumously and pinned to his dress uniform by Police Chief Robert Troy at the start of his wake and a replica presented to his mother with the "thanks of a grateful city."

The news on the incident has been quiet over the holiday weekend while funeral arrangements are made for Officer Nguyen.

May they both rest in peace and may God console their families, friends, loved ones, and colleagues!


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