Monday, August 18, 2008

First Profession of Vows

Pictured are (from left to right) the Most Rev. Edgar da Cunha, S.D.V., D.D., auxiliary bishop of Newark, and newly professed Sister Amy, SCC (Photo compliments of the Sisters of Christian Charity Generalate Website.)

On Saturday, the Sisters of Christian Charity celebrated the first profession of second year novice, Sister Amy. What a beautiful celebration of joy and promise! The liturgy beautifully integrated so many aspects of Sister Amy's journey and the Congregation's charism. Bishop's homily drew together the scriptures with the events of the rite of profession and reflected his own deep understanding of the vows as a religious. Bishop da Cunha is a professed member of the Vocationist Fathers. One point he underscored about the profession of religious vows so clearly articulated the relational dimensions of religious profession: Specifically Bishop da Cunha illustrated that the "profession of religious vows is made to God, through the Church, in [your] religious community, for the service of God and God's people." That clearly mapped set of relationships and interrelationships has stayed with me these past days and also reminded me of the covenant of Associates.

The joy in Sister's heart and in the community that celebrates her deeper integration into its religious life was tangible throughout the Liturgy, especially in the music, and in the sister-ship that followed during dinner.

May God abundantly bless Sister Amy and all novices who profess vows this season! May God grant them all they need to fulfill the words of their professions and may their consecration inspire others to dare to say "yes" to God's sacred invitation and call.


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