Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Salute to Jasmine

I want to give special recognition to a young friend of the family, 19 year old Jasmine. Several months ago, Jasmine learned that she was pregnant. Unwed and about to finish her final year of high school, Jasmine could very easily have opted to terminate the pregnancy by having an abortion. Given her childhood experiences and the future that lay before her, the pressures in this day and age and the temptation to have an abortion were probably great. However, Jasmine, with the support of her mother, made her choice for life.

Today was the baby shower for Jasmine. I wasn't able to be there in person, but I really want to let Jasmine know that I support her decision to bring her baby into the world and I want others like Jasmine to be encouraged in their choices for life. Sure, it may not be easy and it may mean making adjustments in life, but accepting the gift of life is a gift from God and with God's grace things can work out for all involved.

Thinking about this, though, I gained another insight: We who say we are "pro-life" or that "we stand for life" need to be sure that we are only being theoretical but also that we are living that principle in practice by honoring those who make choices for life and by standing in support and speaking for those who have made these choices for life.
The next time I find myself in a discussion about "welfare" benefits for single mothers or state-provided health insurance for children, I am going to say a prayer of gratitude for the many who have made and continue to make choices for life on a daily basis.
What will you do to choose life today?


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