Sunday, March 30, 2008

Second Sunday of Easter as the Solemnity of Divine Mercy

"I pour out a whole ocean of graces
upon those souls
who approach the fount of my mercy."
As notes, "This day we are invited to approach the throne of Mercy and cry out with St. Thomas: 'My Lord and My God' (Jn 20:28)." While I have had a deep appreciation for the Divine Mercy of Jesus and the revelations of this Mercy to Saint Faustina, I, like many other "liturgists" have had a bit of difficulty resolving the Solemnity of Divine Mercy in place of the Second Sunday of Easter. However, over time and with the gift of some grace-filled insights I have come to realize that it consists within the fifty day celebration of Easter and does not interrupt the celebration as some assert. The image of Divine Mercy I share here draws my attention to the connection. So, as we continue to contemplate God's great love for us shown in the death and resurrection of Jesus, let us, too, recognize that Mercy is also God's love gift to us and that it was because of His love and His mercy that Jesus was sent to redeem and save us. As we are invited, let us with Thomas pray in grateful love,
"My Lord and my God!


At 8:40 PM , Anonymous sr betsy said...

I love this day! Went to a local parish to chant the chaplet. God bless


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