Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday Mo[u]rning

Keeping watch.
Final moments.
Last breath.
Beholding a loved one.
Preparing for burial.
Final goodbyes.
Loved one laid to rest.
Going home.
Crowds gone.
Alone and wondering.
"Where is God?"
"Where is the loved one?"
Remembering what was said.
"Will the Word be fulfilled?"
People gone.
All alone.
Burial past.
No repast.
Back at home.
The rest of life.
What's its meaning?
Saturday morning of mourning.
Dark and dreary.
Raindrops fall.
Snowflakes flurry.
My God, my all.
You are my hope.
Do not abandon me, I pray.
I trust in You.
Scare my fears away.
Keeping watch,
but the loved one's gone.
So it seems, but so unsure.
What shall I do?
Is God near? Am I sure?
Morning of mourning,
it is here.
What shall I do
but hope,
God is near!
Prayer of an Anonymous Sojourner


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