Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sacred Sculpture: An Artist's Reflections of the Heart

Kathleen Aucoin's "Mary At Prayer"

This is the second year of our parish's newly revived Sacred Music and Arts Series. It's a really beautiful ministry. I am grateful to be part of the coordinating committee and thankful that this year we were able to include a session on sacred sculpture led by Sister Kathleen "Katie" M. Aucoin, SC.

A Sister of Charity of New York, Sister Katie is truly a sacred sculptor; hers is beautiful gift and ministry. During the course of the hour and a half session, Sister Katie shared the reflections of her artist's heart, her journey with the Master Sculptor, and her relationship with the season of Lent. With samples of her work at the center of each of the roundtables at which we were seated, she faciliated our praying with the art and left us all renewed in our ability to engage God's voice speaking to us through the various media we encounter in our daily living.

Treat yourself to a visit to Sister Katie's website to get just a glimpse of her work. To be honest, the website is a good resource but does not fully capture the depth and breadth of Sister Katie or her work. Should you be looking to have such a program or something similar to it at your parish or community, consider inviting Sister Katie - you will not regret it. She can also be joined by Sister Margaret "Peggy" Beaudette, SC, the artist of DePaul Studios. Whereas Sister Katie specializes in table top size sculpture, Sister Peggy specializes in life-size sculptures. Both are amazingly gifted artists and souls and for me personally it was a grace-filled gift to share the afternoon with them and to reconnect with Sister Katie after many years. The time was prayerful and enjoyable! Definitely a well-spent Sunday afternoon.


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