Saturday, June 02, 2007

Gospel Reflection for Today

June 2, 2007
Saturday, Eighth Week in Ordinary Time
Mark 11:27-33

In today’s Gospel, we find the synagogue leadership starting to lose focus on what’s most important: they are persisting in seeking an answer to a technical question regarding the origin of Jesus’ authority rather than on focusing on substance of his message. Unfortunately theirs is not unusual behavior. How often do I find myself behaving in the same way, placing my attention and energies on logistics and technicalities rather than on really hearing and listening to an important message? How many times at Mass do I focus on how things are being done rather than on what is being done? How many times in discussions of Church-related issues do I get hung up personalities and who is aligned with whom rather than allowing my heart to engage with the Gospel of Jesus? How many times have I allowed myself to get distracted by meaningless superficialities and failed to let myself engage with the really important issues of the moment? Unfortunately it’s true, sometimes I’m more like a scribe or Pharisee than a disciple or a Christian. Yet as the Gospel of Pentecost reminds us, Jesus is with us seeking to extend His peace to each of us. Jesus is ready to breathe His Spirit of Love upon each of us, if only we will let him. His healing and forgiveness are available to us through the sacraments of the Church.

Jesus, sometimes my vision is clouded and my sight is not set directly on you. I get distracted by things that aren’t all that important and let insignificant details get in the way of my seeing and hearing you. Help me to clear my eyes and open my heart so that I may receive your healing and forgiveness. I know that You are with me, Lord, and I am ready to accept the gift of Your peace.


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I've been enjoying your reflections on the readings.


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