Saturday, June 02, 2007

Gospel Reflection -- Feast of the Visitation

Sorry, friends, I had intended to post my Gospel reflection here each day, but I fell behind. (The complete set was posted at the start of the week at the Quellen Center website.) Here are a few of my thoughts on the Gospel for the feast of the Visitation:

May 31, 2007
Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Luke 1:39-56

Today’s feast gives us a celebratory Gospel passage: the story of Mary’s Visitation to Elizabeth . The story of the Visitation is filled with precious gems. In it, we see Mary, herself at a moment of need, going forth without consideration for herself to be present to her cousin in need. We see Mary not only pouring out herself for another but also bearing Jesus’ presence to another. We receive from the initial greeting between Mary and Elizabeth words that form part of our daily prayer today, and we witness in Mary’s Magnificat a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude so deep that her entire being sings in praise to God.

When I become aware of another’s need do I go to them in haste without consideration of any inconvenience it may cause me? Or do I think first about the impact of such a trip? Do I understand the meaning of being sacrament to others? Do I recognize that I have been entrusted with the ability to bear Jesus to others? Do I fulfill that awesome opportunity? Do I celebrate the gifts of the Visitation in my daily prayer? Do I join Mary in expressing my thankfulness and gratitude for God? What it is that causes my entire being to sing in praise to God?

Today I will contemplate the words of Mary’s Song of Joy (Magnificat) and make them my own.


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