Monday, May 28, 2007

Today's Gospel Reflection

Here's my reflection for today:

Monday Eighth Week in Ordinary Time
Mark 10:17-27

Usually when I hear this passage, I imagine myself as the person in the Gospel running up to Jesus with a burning question. This time I find myself as one of the disciples observing what is happening, listening to Jesus speak to the person approaching and wondering what Jesus’ words mean for me and my life. My focus turns to Jesus’ explanation of the person’s hasty departure after being invited to sell his possessions, give the proceeds to the poor, and follow Jesus. Jesus makes it clear that entering the Kingdom of God is not easy and actually from a solely human perspective is nearly impossible. Yet he assured the disciples then just as He assures us still today that with God all things are possible.

How many times have I considered a person or a situation beyond salvation, beyond redemption? How many times have I been frustrated by not being able to fix a problem or make a situation right? Today’s Gospel reminds me that because of God and with God there are no truly impossible situations nor are their unredeemable people. For us alone, people may be difficult and situations may seem impossible, but with God, all is possible, if we let God be God.


God of all, You assure me that with You nothing is impossible and all can be saved. Yet my human nature sometimes overcomes me and leaves me feeling frustrated over the people, places, and circumstances that I cannot fix. Remind me that You are ever present, caring for your people and creation at all times, ready, willing, and able to make the impossible possible, to save who and what seem unredeemable. Allow me to trust You unreservedly and surrender these worries, fears, and frustrations to Your providential care. Let me let you be God and help me to let go and allow Your grace to move.


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