Thursday, April 05, 2007

Embarking upon the Journey of the Triduum

Tonight we began the liturgy of the Sacred Triduum ...
... receiving the newly blessed oils,
... celebrating the Liturgy of the Word,
... following Jesus' example in the washing of the feet,
... bringing forward our gifts for the poor,
... receiving the Eucharist,
... celebrating the gift of the Jesus Himself,
... keeping watch with Jesus...

(image obtained via google search)

The homilist posed these challenges:

Do we want to become communion or do we simply want to go to communion?

Do we plan to watch Jesus for these three days or do we plan to follow His model?

Powerful challenges, indeed!

Jesus continues to call to each of us, in the words (and melody) of the Taize song:

Stay here and keep watch with me:

the hour has come.

Stay here and keep watch with me,

watch and pray!


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