Sunday, February 04, 2007

"By Name I Have Called You..."

The Feast of the Presentation (or a designated day close to it) is set aside as a day to celebrate consecrated life. In dioceses throughout the United States, celebrations have been held, many during Evening Prayer and including a common renewal of vows and an affirmation of the call to religious life.

In celebration of religious life and consecrated religious, I thought it would be interesting to consider some of the unique histories and traditions of various religious communities. To do complete histories here would be impossible; however, I thought it would be interesting to pick an aspect of religious life and consider its traditions and how they have remained the same or changed over time.

The component I've decided to pick is "naming," the giving/selection of one's name in religious life. So, visitors, I invite you to share your community's traditions and practices around religious names in community.


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At 9:50 PM , Blogger Joe said...

In some (but not all) provinces of the Jesuits, it is customary to take a "vow name" on making First or Final Vows, though this does not take the place of one's given name, as it does in many other religious communities. In practical terms, then, it's more like a confirmation name - mine is "Isaac Jogues."


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