Friday, January 19, 2007

A Worthwhile Meme - Part I (A-L)

I first found this meme posted on The City and the World and told Joe I’d give it a try. Then I discovered that Sister Anne who is doing the meme in smaller doses had tagged me for it.

I found the process of doing this particular meme to be very grace-filled as I reflected on the questions posed. Here goes Part I (A-L) along with wishes for abundant blessings on all who contemplate their own spiritual alphabet:

[A is for apparitions - your favorite]: Sister Josefa and the Sacred Heart . A lesser known story among the beautiful apparitions, one well-worth learning more about it if you have the opportunity. Check out “The Story of Divine Love.” As this website notes,

“On 29th December 1923, Sister Josefa Menéndez, when thirty-three years old, died a holy death at the Convent of Les Feuillants, Poitiers. She lived as a sister in the Society of the Sacred Heart only four years, and in so hidden a way the world ought never to have heard of her, and even in her own community, she should soon have been forgotten. Yet, only twenty years after her death, she is known all over the world. In America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania people are praying to her and are listening attentively to the Message which the Heart of Jesus has given her for [souls].”

[B is for Bible - the one you read most often]: New American Bible

[C is for Charism - the one you would most like to have]: Love --- and to live it out in the charism of Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt passed on through her spiritual daughers, the Sisters of Christian Charity.

[D is for Doctor of the Church - your favorite]: Teresa and Therese

[E is for Essential Prayer - What’s yours?]: The Prayer of all Prayers? The Holy Eucharist. My personal prayer? “My God and my All!” and “Jesus.”

[F is for Favorite Hymn]: As a longtime liturgical musician and composer, there are many beautiful treasures. A very special favorite is one of community hymns, “Receive This Holocaust.” This is a tradition at profession and jubilee liturgies. The hymn, sung almost a capella in three voices, begins with the prayer, “Receive this holocaust, Almighty Father, dear. All I can offer, lo, I do now offer here…” And the second verse ends, “Whatever I am have, what I shall possess – it shall be Thine, for Thou hast given all. ‘Tis now no longer mine!”

[G is for Gospel - your favorite author?]: John the Beloved Disciple.

[H is for Holy Communion - How would you describe it, using one word?]: Jesus!

[I is for Inspiration - When do you feel most inspired by God?]: Inspired? I’m not sure if the question is when do I feel God or what surroundings make me most open to God. Either way, in all honesty, it varies and depends a lot on God’s grace and my openness.

[J is for Jesus - When did you first meet Him?]: Truthfully, I think I met Jesus before I knew I met Him. When my Mother was pregnant with me, a well known Jesuit priest from the area was celebrating a Mass that my Mother attended (From the story, I don’t recall the detail of the occasion). As my Mother approached to receive Communion, he saw that she was pregnant (she was thin framed and her pregnant belly was obvious) and when it was her turn to receive the Eucharist he gave her Communion twice, once for herself and once for the Baby (me).

[K is for Kindness - Which saint or person has most inspired you by their kindness?]: Saint Francis of Assisi, Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt, Dorothy Day, Mother Teresa, just to name a few of the many.

[L is for liturgical year - your favorite time in the liturgical cycle?]: Again, as someone deeply involved in Liturgy for many years, I find aspects I love about each liturgical season, but I have to note that Holy Week is very special to me, especially the Sacred Triduum and Easter morning.

Hopefully I will have the opportunity to post the rest over the weekend.

Many of my friends are already tagged so for now I will tag Susan, Julie, and Diana.


At 6:46 PM , Blogger Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Got the tag. Will have to reflect on much of this though before I can play.

At 8:19 PM , Anonymous Julie said...

Thanks for the tag, Lisa. I had no idea what memes or tagging were. I enjoyed this one. Check out my "part I" .. I'll do the next installment when you post yours. :) Julie


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