Friday, November 11, 2005

Some of my favorite blogs ...

I have been trying to fancying up my blog a bit. Thanks to a friend, I am able to write the .html code to do it, but I am still having trouble placing it in the correct place in my template's .html (I will keep trying).

In the meantime, I'd like to post links here to a few of my favorite blogs, ones I have been visiting for a while now:

Noteworthy Blogs

    These are a few to start. They are well worth the visit!

  • Nunblog by S. Anne Joan fsp

  • Open Wide the Doors to Christ by S. Lorraine fsp

  • A Peek at the Pauline Charism Renewal Course in Rome with S. Bernadette fsp

  • An International Preparation for Perpetual Profession with S. Donna Jean fsp

  • Catholic News and Views by S. Kathryn James fsp and the Pauline Editors

  • Other Blogs Worth Checking Out

    • Musings by a Discerning Woman

    • Susan Rose, the author of Musings, is a candidate with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Peace - Our Lady's Province (Western US). She shares some very personal insights regarding her journey.
    • Check out Jesuit Mark Mossa's Blog

    • An Insightful Glimpse at the Daily Life of a Paulist Priest in New York City

    • Crying Out in the Wilderness

    • Narrow at the Outset

    • This blogger, a junior professed Benedictine Sister, offers a range of issues to consider drawn from her daily ministry.
    • Sollicitudo Rei Socialis

    • There's a team in charge of this blog, and each member takes a turn with the day's message on a current social issue or world event.

      Take a few visits, and let me know what you think ...

      Disclaimer: Whatever I should say in terms of disclaimer, consider it said.



      At 1:37 AM , Blogger Nate said...

      Glad you like Sollicitudo Rei Socialis. I'll be checking your blog out too!


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