Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Living Tribute

When I arrived home today, I was surprised that a package was waiting for me in today's mail. As I gently loosened it from the mailbox, I looked quickly at the handwriting and happily recognized it. Still the package was large but soft and pliable so I really wasn't sure what it could be.

After a little while, I opened the package and could not believe my eyes: a t-shirt and memorial book celebrating the life of Glenn D. Cunningham and commemorating the first anniversary of his death along with a thoughtful note from the very thoughtful senders.

The items simply took my breath away for still, after just over a year, the absence of Glenn's physical presence among us is only sweetened by the sureness of his living spiritual presence among us and within us.

Glenn Dale Cunningham (1943-2004) was many things to many people. To me, he truly was -- and still is -- a treasured friend, a source of encouragement and confidence, someone who took the time to show he cared no matter how busy he was, someone who always remembered. Glenn climbed the ladder of life's successes but never forgot the people about whom he cared.

There's no way to capture succinctly all that Glenn is for those who love him still. I guess the best way to tell the story of Glenn is to share a little bit about him from time to time, keeping alive the legacy of his life and telling his story for many generations to come. This is certain: he truly ranks among the best of men, the best of humanity.

Believing there are no coincidences only divine encounters, the tears began to flow heavily when I realized that this special package of remembrances arrived on September 13th, Glenn's own birthday.

I know he's looking down and blessing us, and in faith I am confident that today he's at the table of our good God enjoying the best lemon meringue pie at the feast for truly he has captured the greatest prize, life in Jesus Christ.

Rest in peace, dear friend, and know always that we love you!


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