Thursday, November 10, 2005

How did I fare?

Well, not so well considering :)

The weather was good so I should have been more confident in predicting the win for the Democrats. I was certain that good weather would mean a good turnout, but I just wasn't certain that folks were going to vote along party lines this time around.

So here's how the election turned out:



My prediction: The Republican Candidate, by a slight margin. A win is a win from the point of view of the victor, but the count will be so close that it will fail to demonstrate any mandate from the people. Also, several Independent Candidates including an opthalmologist and an opposition candidate will have respectable showings.

Election Result: Actually the Democratic Candidate won by more than a slight a margin once all was "said and done." A double digit lead by the end of the night! Proof that good weather definitely works in favor of the Democrats, at least here.


My prediction: Both incumbent Democratic Candidates will be reelected.
Election Result: Both incumbent Democratic Candidates won reelection. *Score: 100*


My prediction: The incumbent Republican will be reelected by probably the widest margin of any county-wide candidate.
Election Result: As of now, the Democratic Candidate appears to be the winner by .5% -- yes, half of one percent. The incumbent Republican Candidate has not conceded and will not until the election is certified. As of this morning, there were 700 provisional ballots to be considered still.


My prediction: The incumbent Democrat will be reelected by a slim margin with the Republican challenger garnering a greater showing that most anticipated.
Election result: Actually, the Democrat won by more than a slight margin, but as predicted, the Republican Challenger drew a much higher than expected percentage: 42%.


My prediction: A young Republican Candidate will be elected to his first term, and one of the incumbent Democrats, the female candidate, will be reelected.
Election result: Ok, I was half right: The female Democrat won, but so did the male. Given the respectable showing by the young Republican, I am rather certain he will be elected one day soon.


My prediction: Both Republican Candidates will win the local election.
Election result: The incumbent Republican came in first and clearly holds his seat on council, along with the wide support of the voting community. As of election night, it appeared that the incumbent Democrat also retains his seat for the moment. But there are some technical issues pending before this election can be finalized.

Interestingly, voter turnout seemed very high on Tuesday, but according to state voting records it was NOT as high as the 2001 gubernatorial election which led Jim McGreevey to the statehouse.

Interesting, very interesting ...


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