Sunday, December 03, 2006

Daughters of Saint Paul - Live and In Concert!

I just returned home from a most enjoyable afternoon at one of the Daughters of Saint Paul Christmas Concerts. If you are in the area of any of their remaining concerts for the season, I urge you to treat yourself to a beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting time!

On Wednesday, December 6th, they have a concert in Philadelphia (their first one in that area). Contact the Pauline Book and Media Center in Philadelphia for more information.

They conclude the week with concerts in Boston on Saturday and Sunday.

As always, it was a real treat to greet fellow bloggers and friends Sister Anne Joan as well as Sister Kathryn James. Sister Anne's rendition of "O Holy Night!" was crystal - absolutely beautiful!! That's it on the details for now, in case you have the opportunity to hear the concert in person.

What a blessed start to Advent!


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