Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where's Waldo?

Or "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

Either of these hypothetical entertainment questions lead me to ask "Where am I?" on this Thursday afternoon in early April approaching the start of Holy Week.

Where am I?

There is lots going on in the world around me (ok, that's pretty usual). Some of it affects me directly, some indirectly, some seemingly not at all. Some of it is within my control or the reach of my influence, some of it is not. That said, I turn and look at myself from the outside in order to see where I am within.

Throughout this Lenten journey, I have sought (and still continue to seek) to journey with Jesus and with the larger community, to understand more fully my place within the Paschal Mystery and the place of the Paschal Mystery within my life. A big undertaking, for sure, truthfully the journey that is a lifetime.

There is no succinct one line summary of my Lenten Lessons. Like an onion, the lessons have been revealed one layer at time, mixed with sharpness and sweetness, sometimes completely simultaneously.

As I continue to contemplate and evaluate Where I am I hear the words of Jesus in the Gospel paraphrased and set to music (sorry, I don't know the composer offhand):

I will go forth to prepare a place for you ...
but I'll come back
to take you with me
that where I am
you may also be.

"... That where I am, you may also be."

What a powerful image as we approach the start of Holy Week! As we move from the glory of Palm Sunday through Good Friday to the Easter Vigil, will I be able to stay with Jesus, that where He is, I may also be?

Therein lies the challenge,
the promise,
the hope,
... the gift of new life in God!


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