Saturday, March 11, 2006

Along This Lenten Journey

Already approaching the Second Sunday of Lent, can you believe it? Time continues to march on steadily. As it does, I pause to ask myself, "How is my Lent?" and "How is my journey towards Easter going?"

"Community," as I noted in my previous post, has emerged as the central guiding theme, or perhaps better said a central dimension of the Lenten experience, this Lent. For the most part, clearly this "community" this year has been my parish community. Having the opportunity to participate in Pax Christi and Liturgy meetings have actually deepened the Lenten experiences of prayer, fellowship, and mutual support as we experience Lent as the journey towards Easter.

At the same time, I am aware that there are other significant communities of which I am a part and which, in their own respective ways, energize me, for example, the religious community of which I am an Associate, the religious communities who have been woven as part of the fabric of my life through friendship, and the still developing community of fellow sojourners here in the blogosphere.

So, as I ask myself my two "check-in" questions, I invite you, too, if you haven't had the opportunity to pause at Tabor, behold the glory of Jesus transfigured, and contemplate your Lenten journey towards Easter.

Peace and all good things!


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