Wednesday, March 01, 2006

" ... Rise Again from Ashes ..."

It's Ash Wednesday, and it's also the first day of March. A fitting God-incidence, I think, that these two beginnings should coincide. There's much to ponder today, but throughout these days of reflecting on the beginning of Lent, one theme has been very present: community.

We live Lent not only for ourselves or by ourselves but in and for the community as well. We look internally and seek renewal so that in becoming more of who God calls us to be the Body of Christ may also be built up and strengthened and made more whole. So my guiding question this year is not so much what will I do but who will I be(come).

What is your guiding question this Lent?


At 9:28 PM , Blogger Sr. Lorraine said...

My guiding question will be: how is my relationship with Jesus?


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