Thursday, January 26, 2006

Remembering ...

I cannot believe it's been almost two weeks since I have posted to my blog. Where has the time gone? I certainly have had lots to say during this time but just not enough time to sit and let it translate into text. I will get back into the swing of things.

Today I am remembering in a special way two amazing women, one who I have known since I was born, the other who I had the grace of knowing more recently by comparison, both of whom now enjoy the beauty of eternal life in God.

My grandmother, Anne, was born into this world on January 26th, many decades ago (and she was born into eternal life on February 2nd, one week after her 90th birthday). My grandmother was a strong loving woman who had her share of life's ups and downs but never let negative experiences interfere with loving those she loved. She enjoyed life and had many interesting past times that occupied her interest and time after my grandfather's death. She had an incredible work ethic -- she worked full-time until the age of 88 (this is not a typo) and part-time until 89! I miss her lots. She was (and remains) a gem!!

My friend, Sister Mary Casimir, died on January 26th, just last year. I had seen her last about six weeks before on a pre-Christmas visit to our Sisters' Retirement Home at Holy Family Convent (Danville, PA). Among the many blessings Sister Mary Casimir brought to the lives of those who knew and loved her was her deep surrender to all that God asked of her and her ability to smile genuinely despite the crosses she was asked to carry. In life and death she possesses a deep union with Jesus. I miss her dearly but know that she is enjoying the prize of eternal life in Christ Jesus. She too was (and remains) a gem!!

--- "Behold what I have longed for, I already possess.
I am united with Him in utmost devotion"
(text from refrain following perpetual profession of vows). ---


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nice blog. very inspiring. thanks



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