Sunday, December 11, 2005

Continuing the Triduum

Day 2 of the Triduum, December 10, was spent as a day of remembrance as it was the anniversary of my father's homegoing to God. Even as the years pass, the pain of his physical absence is still real. I am now convinced that time does not erase pain but rather it teaches us how to live in spite of the loss and relate to our loved ones in a new way. I had hoped to post something about my Dad and the day but found it hard to be succinct. One of these days, I will.

Day 3 of the Triduum this year happened to fall on the Third Sunday of Advent, "Gaudete." For our parish community it was a day of celebration. We recently completed the building of a Faith Development Center. We have decided rather than have a single event to commemorate its completion we will treat it as a gift that we slowly unwrap and enjoy throughout the year. On the weekend after the CO (certificate of occupancy) was issued, we celebrated by having the congregation process throguh the Faith Development Center to bless it with our presence and song. This weekend, following each of the Masses, all parishioners were invited to cut a piece of commemorative ribbon. Our pastor noted that traditionally VIPs are invited to cut one large ribbon, but for our parish community this place will be a center of faith and spiritual development for generations to come and it's the people who will make use of it who are the VIPs so all were invited to "cut the ribbon."

It was a beautiful and inspiring celebration, simple but classy. The "Gallery of Light" (the walkway from the Church into the Center) was decorated with lots of imprinted ribbons hanging like banners. Parishioners of all ages participated in the ribbon cutting and then partook of the fellowship that followed. Once I download my digi-photos downloaded, I will try to post a few.

Tomorrow, the much loved feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe! Until then ...


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