Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Book Meme

This book meme comes compliments of Sister Anne Joan.

Here goes:

1. One book that changed your life: "This Bridge Called My Back" (edited by Gloria Anzaldua) and "Zami" (Audre Lorde).

2. One book that you've read more than once: "The Life of Pauline von Mallinckrodt" (by herself -- actually this book also impacted my life) and "The Woman Who Couldn't Be Stopped" (by Delphine Wedmore, SCC, a Sister from our Western Province)

3. One book you'd want on a desert island: The Bible

4. One book that made you laugh: I have to think about that one longer. I don't usually read "funny" things.

5. One book you wish had been written: My family's geneology and Glenn Cunningham's books.

6. One book you wish had never been written: I can't say at the moment. If it's not interesting enough, I put it down. Sometimes I go back to it, sometimes not.

I tag Natty , Sister Lorraine, Susan , Steph , Joe, and Rich . Of course, anyone who stops by is also welcome to reply!


At 8:39 PM , Blogger Sr. Lorraine said...

Thanks, Lisa, for tagging me. I'll do a post on it. God bless you!

At 1:54 AM , Blogger Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Thanks! I played a longer version of this meme last month -

At 7:01 PM , Blogger Joe said...

Lisa -

I've put up a reply to the meme on my blog - please stop by and have a look when you get the chance. Pax,


At 11:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the tag! I haven't gotten a chance to do it yet, but it's on my list! ;)


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