Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Officially (Almost) Christmas!

Yes, that's right. Now it feels like Christmas: I have heard the Daughters of Saint Paul live in concert. That means Christmas is near. Since they began their Christmas concert ministry tour a few years ago, usually I would hear (and see) them at St. Paul's in Princeton. This year, however, they have expanded their tour and in the process changed some venues in order to extend their outreach and introduce themselves to new audiences. As a result, I had to figure out when and where I'd see them. As it turned out, the only performance that matched a free night for me was the final one, the one at Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Northeast Philadelphia. Actually that location was closer than the other NJ I had considered but the weather was a bit of a challenge the night I went to see in addition to my speedometer which stopped working correctly. In any case, the trip was well worth it. As always, this amazingly talented group of Sisters gave an inspiring, warm, and artistically well-executed performance. The singing and the dancing were great. I am happy to report that Sister Anne's "O Holy Night" returned for this year's program (her voice is like the purest crystal especially at the uppermost notes). I was happy to have a chance to talk with my friend, Sister Anne, and to meet in person Sister Helena. A new encounter for me was Sister Julia's solo: "Con Te Partiro" ("With You I Go") was an unexpected piece but oh so beautiful and personally very touching. Sister Nancy's "Angels Among Us" is always a centerpiece to the program. I could go on about each element of the program, but you get the idea. Each Sister on the stage and behind the scenes deserves enormous applause and thanks. Sister Bridget, the music director/conductor, is outstanding. Congratulations on another blessed concert tour! May you each have a most blessed Christmas and a grace-filled new year!!


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